Make Strategy Happen.

How We Help

We pinpoint the root causes of your stickiest organizational challenges, and design human-centered solutions that last.

Cultural Discovery

Our lightweight but high-impact cultural discovery process, powered by Constellation, illuminates the human networks and cultural logjams that shape your operation.

Strategy Design

We pair these insights with our strategy design process to develop, test and scale innovative solutions in collaboration with your people.

Leadership Development

NILE, our award-winning leadership development program that we created in response to rising military suicide rates, exemplifies the transformational impact of our human-centered approach.

We're Experts at the delicate work of culture design.

When innovation seems out of reach, the cause is almost always rooted in your company culture. When your culture is off balance, your business will be too.

Our cultural discovery process will help you diagnose the root causes of your current challenges. We’ll use those insights to co-create custom strategies that ignite innovation from the inside out.

Custom solutions for custom problems

We don’t sell off-the-shelf strategies pulled from a textbook. Instead we partner directly with your people to co-create strategies rooted in the cultural strengths of your teams.

We can help with…

People Challenges

How do I help my people find their personal and professional ‘why’ within our mission?

Inclusion & Belonging

Collaboration Challenges

How can I find and fix the hidden obstacles and gaps that are tripping up our work?

Knowledge Transfer
Strategy Execution
Team Effectiveness

Process Innovation challenges

How can I help my team embrace and integrate big change into our daily work?

Technology Adoption

How It Works

Our lightweight but high-impact cultural discovery process, powered by Constellation, illuminates the human networks and cultural logjams that shape your operation.

Our process is iterative, collaborative, and customized.

We don’t sell off-the-shelf strategies pulled from a textbook – we engage directly with your people to design culturally responsive solutions tailored to your unique organization. 


We gather cultural intel via Constellation, focus groups and follow-up research.


We develop key strategic insights into the root causes of your biggest challenges.


We distill these strategic insights into 3-5 targeted interventions.


We collaborate with your people to ideate potential solutions.


We refine solutions in an iterative series of small, controlled experiments.


We deliver the solution at scale, with accelerated adoption and transformational impact.


Stay in the Know

Experts in Strategy

At S2A, we are masters at working with our clients to design targeted strategies to take them where they want to go. But after the strategy is decided upon, how do we get the rest of the team on board to quickly and effectively execute that new strategy?

By conducting a preliminary analysis using Constellation, we gain deep insights into the intricate web of relationships and communication patterns within the organization. These insights allow us to design strategies that are not only aligned with organizational objectives but also resonate with the individuals who will be responsible for executing them…

Celebrating Mother's Day with Rachel Bauer

“… We can’t expect employers to sit down individually with all working parents to ask how they can best support them. What we can expect, and what more and more employees are beginning to demand, is that our employers will pay attention and purposefully gather information about their employees’ experiences, perceptions, and relationships at work. We can expect employers to celebrate their working parents, and we can also hope that they are asking the right questions to help them understand how they can best support them structurally….”







Human Centered Design

We talk about human centered design often, but what does “Human Centered Design” even mean for how we help our clients?

In the simplest terms, we put the “People” of your organization at the center of everything we do. They are the heart of your organization, and they can make or break your success.

We start by analyzing the hidden human networks – communication, collaboration and relationship pathways. We do this through the use of Constellation – our powerful Organizational Network Analysis platform…

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