Win or Lose at the Speed of Change

Seeing what’s next is only the starting point. Getting there requires an organization that’s ready, willing, and able to change. We can help.


Failing to execute strategic change is a chronic and costly problem for most companies. According to a recent HBR article, 80% of senior executives said their companies are above average at strategic planning, while less than 20% said they are above average at strategic execution. Research from the Economist indicates that poor execution costs companies 40 to 60% of their expected ROI on strategic projects.

The biggest contributors to failed change efforts are a lack of awareness about the process of change and ignoring of the key principles of adoption – the critical steps that drive successful implementation but are often disregarded. We can quickly reveal these steps to your team to help them diagnose and correct stalled projects while designing future efforts with successful execution in mind.  

Our Approach to Change

Advisory Services

More than 90% of decisions are driven by emotion, not logic. At S2A, our approach to your “why” focuses on both the emotional and logical reasons why someone should change. We focus on the three drivers of motivation- mastery, autonomy, and purpose, while sharing information honestly and personally with a sense of urgency to move towards an opportunity, rather than away from a crisis.

Preparing your organization

Creating buy-in is difficult work. That is why we invite a diverse group of relevant stakeholders to understand and invest in the problem solving process. By applying the information gathered through interviews and assessments, we are able to provide an in-depth picture for how we can best enlist key influencers from all levels of the organization to become champions of change.

Project Management

Effective communication of roles and expectations is key when it comes to encouraging people to act towards a future state. We’ll reduce the stress associated with this process by serving as your trusted guide through each of the seven stages of change, keeping activities experimental and on a continuum of review for ongoing improvement and growth.

Experience Change Simulations

The ExperienceChange simulation is an accelerated project experience for business leaders and project managers. Over the course of this one-day workshop, participants experience a “year in the life” of a change team. The simulation focuses on a company fraught with realistic change challenges. Through careful application of change management best practices, learners build stakeholder buy-in and lead the company to success.

We Build Leaders with Meaningful Mindsets

The journey from challenge to impact is not linear. Learning to moderate the dip to achieve impact earlier and more often will assist the change process and effectively guide solutions more smoothly. At S2A, we help clients develop leaders with the information and tools they need to articulate a desired future while building the skills needed to get there.

“The ExperienceChange staff and simulations are nothing short of excellent. The simulation is a solid learning application, with real personality types encountered in the workplace, and solidifies the learning experience in a fun way!”

— Jacqueline Patricio, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

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