Simple Process. Insane insights. Fast Results.

Constellation AI brings a design thinking approach to organizational network analysis to help you harness the power of informal networks and make strategy happen quickly. By mapping hidden sources of influence, knowledge sharing, and engagement, we’ll reveal previously undiscovered constellations amongst the stars of your organization.

Our Approach

Unlock Insights

Perception versus reality is key to understanding the context of your team. Who is most inclusive? Who do people approach for advice or career options? By unlocking these key insights, you’ll receive real time employee perspectives on who drives trust, sponsorship, and inclusivity. Our human centered network mapping will improve retention and accelerate your strategic efforts by identifying gatekeepers, highlighting regional differences, quantifying cultural and behavioral trends, and so much more.

Design Strategy

Develop leadership awareness of the actions, behaviors, and mindsets that promote inclusion and belonging. We’ll help you leverage insights and action plans to design the appropriate strategies and equip your leaders with the knowledge and tools necessary to create positive and sustainable change.

Co-create Solutions

focus your solutions

Constellation AI will be one of the most potent decision-making tools in your management toolkit, guiding you to make better decisions for your team and organization. Whether utilized to address challenges or advance opportunities, S2A’s proprietary, human-centered network mapping and program design translate an organization’s strategic goals into action, empowering your leadership team to make strategy happen.


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