Simple process. Powerful insights. Fast results.

Culture design built on Constellation.

Culture is one of the most difficult organizational elements for any leader to access, much less change. 

Yet it’s also the core engine of your business strategy. Without the support of your teams, any strategy you implement will be doomed to fail. 

That’s why we won’t try to convince your people to embrace an outside strategy. Instead we’ll partner with them to co-create the strategy itself.

Find out how the work really gets done in your organization.

Constellation pairs human-centered design with the powerful insights of organizational network analysis to pinpoint the root causes of your organization’s most entrenched challenges.

With Constellation, we can map the informal webs of communication, credibility and trust, known as shadow networks, that power your company culture. 

These maps reveal how the work flows between people, departments and divisions, and the invisible cultural logjams that are holding you back.

We promise, you’ll be surprised.

How does Constellation work?

This lightweight but high-impact ONA takes less than 30 days to complete, and requires only 15 minutes of your employees’ time.

Phase 1

Assessment Period

We conduct a 15-minute org-wide participant assessment, giving us hard data on the informal human relationships that power your business operations.

Phase 2

data analysis

We analyze this data to map the complex channels of collaboration and trust that comprise your shadow networks.

Phase 3

report generation

We generate a comprehensive report that identifies the sources of your organizational pain points AND the people who are best positioned to co-create solutions.

Phase 4

outbrief results

We deliver key insights and strategic recommendations tailored to your unique organizational challenges.

At the end of this 30 day process, you’ll receive:


A cultural analysis of the invisible human dynamics that are shaping your strategic efforts


Key insights and strategic recommendations for targeted solutions and next steps


Names of individuals in your organization who are best positioned to co-create and scale solutions

Stay in the Know

Discover your future leaders

In today’s competitive business environment, identifying and nurturing potential leaders within your organization is crucial for achieving long-term success. Wouldn’t you want to focus your time and training on team members with the highest leadership potential? Hidden leaders within your organization are often just waiting to be activated.










Transforming Insights into Action

At S2A, we’re dedicated to transforming leadership through actionable insights. The results of an organizational network analysis powered by Constellation are not just numbers – they tell an important story. And while we would like for each story that our insights tell to be full of only positive details, the truth is that every organization has things to work on and ways to improve. In fact, the types of organizations who partner with S2A and utilize Constellation are organizations that want to know the messy details of their story. These are the organizations who see their data and immediately ask, “What can we do about this?”…

Communication and your bottom line

In the intricate web of organizational dynamics, ONA (Organizational Network Analysis) illuminates the often unseen pathways of communication and collaboration. Here’s how these seemingly intangible insights translate into tangible results, positively impacting the financial health of your organization:

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