Make Culture the Catalyst

The true test of a company’s leadership isn’t found within its performance metrics, but in the culture it creates that makes everything possible. 


Culture is the one thing that touches every part of your business. It’s also the one thing your competition can’t replicate, making it the only sustainable competitive advantage. Your culture directly impacts your ability to attract, develop, and retain top talent and achieve your strategic goals. We’ll help you turn your culture into a catalyst for positive action and meaningful results.

OUR Approach to Culture-Shaping

Advisory Services

Successful solutions start with connected leaders. Lean in to S2A for a thought partner resourced with the knowledge and tools you need to lead with impact in a meaningful way. Our thorough approach offers unique access to world class technology, industry-leading expertise, and a passion for organizational development aimed to create culturally inclusive training solutions that make strategy happen.


The road to discovery should not be walked alone. At S2A, we work with clients to identify their cultural challenges and co-create culturally-responsive solutions, guiding with experts every step of the way. Our in-depth exploration utilizes innovative methods such as Organizational Network Analysis surveys, obtaining and incorporating authentic feedback, and accurate problem scoping. Don’t waste time on unsuccessful or overly time consuming solutions! Contact S2A for your detailed cultural analysis and start putting your best workforce forward.


So many people, so little time. Harness the power of your informal networks through our quick and easy Organizational Network Analysis. Your results will provide direct and clear insight into the underlying strengths and areas for growth, both through individual team members and the company as a whole. Invest in the people who shape your workplace and schedule your initial ONA demo today!

Inclusive Excellence

Introduce new perspectives and increase opportunities of creative advances with S2A. When it comes to the recruitment of diverse talent and maximizing retention, we have the resources needed to help our clients succeed. We’ll reimagine your workforce with a focus on the benefits of diversity and inclusion aimed to increase productivity, enhance belonging, and drive collaboration with the organizational excellence your team deserves.


Like an iceberg, most of the real work in organizations happens below the surface of visible activity. DISCOVERY explores and maps the unique characteristics of the organization’s culture, enabling our team of experts to design solutions that are culturally responsive to the client’s needs. Our experts have the knowledge, resources, and cutting-edge technology to gather complex and meaningful data that will address the various organizational challenges companies so often face.

“With S2A’s guidance, we’ve been able to create a culture of respect and open communication. We are seeing results in how employees are communicating cross functionally, helping each other and genuinely wanting the the company to succeed.”

— William Kramer, III, President, GTC

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