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S2A is a 100% veteran-owned business that has successfully delivered mission-critical programs to some of the most recognized companies in the world. With an emphasis on leadership development and culture building, our team of experts are dedicated to serving those who serve.

Better leaders create better cultures

The true measure of the quality of leadership teams is the culture they create for those under their charge. Everything we do is focused on building better leaders who will in turn build better cultures, because mission accomplishment is most effective when leaders engage and connect with their people in meaningful ways. Our team, with its deep expertise in government leadership, is ready to help with your leadership development and cultural performance needs.


Leadership Development Programs

Train current and future leaders on the skills needed for strategic effectiveness, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking with S2A's leadership development programs. We'll guide your team through the basics of self-efficacy and goal attainment, solving complex problems, enhancing each participant's ability to monitor emotions, and effectively shape their thinking and behavior, both in and out of the workplace.

Previous class examples include self-awareness (values, vision, and self-assessment), political savvy, principles of persuasion, results-oriented behavior, and leading teams in dynamic environments.

Speak with one of our senior directors about how to get started on your specific training program today!

Culture building

How do your organization’s values, norms, and general practices align with your mission? Are you aware of any underlying disturbances or cultural shifts? Working as an invisible force, culture can either bring out the best in people, or hinder their overall performance.

At S2A, we explore the unique characteristics of each client’s distinct organizational culture through various means, to include role shaping, ONA assessments, and leadership recommendations. Our team of experts and advisors will help you identify and address your toughest cultural challenges and guide you through the change process.

NCO Inclusive Leadership Excellence

Develop a culture of strong and inclusive leaders with NILE, S2A’s NCO Inclusive Leadership Excellence Program. Over the course of three days, participants will engage in a transformative journey focused on developing higher levels of self-awareness, empathy, and inclusive excellence in themselves and the teams they lead. Our master facilitators (veterans with leadership experience improving unit culture) target interpersonal skills, leadership, and building trust & inclusivity while utilizing a psychology based curriculum in an environment that promotes inclusive and open discussion.

Officer and Senior Enlisted
Inclusive leadership excellence

NILE-XL (Xecutive Learning) brings the impact of NILE to the Officer and Senior Enlisted audience. Over the course of two days, participants thoroughly examine organizational culture and how the lens of a leader's perspective and values shape the development of organizational culture. Additional topics include a deep-dive into mental health, effective coping strategies, and the power of adoption versus mere implementation. Through thought-provoking activities, reflections, and discussions, NILE-XL participants gain invaluable awareness and insights to apply to their own behaviors and decision-making as organizational leaders.


The primary purpose of an Organizational Network Analysis is to help leaders see how things really get done in their organization, revealing the power of their informal networks so they can harness what’s good and address what’s holding them back.

With this powerful tool, we are able to analyze and report important organizational factors through a range of metrics designed to focus on key influencers, understanding approachability,  grouping various dimensions of collaboration, and so much more.

This valuable information provides direct and clear insight into an interactive mapping of network data designed to help identify the underlying strengths and areas for growth among your people and ultimately enhance organizational effectiveness.  


March 2019-Present



U.S. Navy, NPS (Subcontractor)

Leading Innovation, Senior Leaders Program

O-7 and O-8 Navy and Marine Corps Participants


NAVSEA, PEO Ships (Subcontractor)

Thinking Differently – Design Thinking in Military

Environments; ISLE (Innovation, Strategy,

Leadership, and Execution)


U.S. Air Force, 58th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Maintenance Squadron

Interpersonal Skills Development

Contract # FA940120P0090


U.S. Navy, NAVSEA 05

Critical Thinking Workshop Series

Contract # N6426720P5036

Don’t just take our word for it!
Here’s what previous NILE participants had to say-

“A very eye opening experience. Finding out that other NCOs have the same issues and or aspirations in common with myself. A very good way to learn about your airmen, and for them to better understand the NCO. I got to see issues I wasn’t even aware of. “

“People passionate about people. The program helps you become self aware of yourself and betters you as a leader.”

“This is the first time that a course has broke us down and gave us a serious therapy session to us as NCOs. It made us uncomfortable because we essentially had to admit to ourselves that we had a lot to work on, especially our personal health.”

“The training is MORE than a suicide prevention based course. It is an opportunity to look inward at yourself so you can connect and appreciate the people around you better for what they bring to the table as their authentic selves.”

“I learned a lot about myself. Being in for a long time even after the 1st 2 days I thought I had it figured out. But day 3 everyone’s testimony changed me for the better.”

“Highly recommend attending the course. It helps NCOs value their airmen as well as the airmen in your work center to bridge the barriers that may be in place. “

“NILE gives an updated, innovative view on leadership and positive organizational change that has long been overdue in Air Force maintainer culture. It was a very satisfying experience overall.”

“Definitely an eye opener. This is to help guide you on how to be a leader, better communicator with you and helps you self reflect, better yourself, and connect with your airmen better. Something that you can take with you and put in your tool belt.” 


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