inclusively excellent cultures for a safer, stronger force.

We are a 100% veteran-owned business dedicated to serving those who serve.

Our Government Offerings

We bring human-centered design to mission-critical work.

NCO Inclusive Leadership Excellence (NILE) is our award-winning leadership development program created specifically to address the rising rates of suicide among enlisted airmen in the USAF.

This lightweight but high-impact organizational network analysis (ONA) process will illuminate the intricate human networks that fuel your operations, and the cultural logjams that are holding you back.

Culture is the bedrock of military life.

We specialize in cracking the longstanding cultural codes that govern military and government operations, and helping leaders create inclusively excellent cultures for their teams.

From local to global security and defense, we can help your organization innovate through adversity and change.

Other Services

Change Leadership

Skillful change leadership requires mindsets and reflexes that can only be developed through practice. Our simulation-based Change Leadership training delivers the lessons of a yearlong change journey into a one-day workshop. Participants will lead a realistic change project from analysis to planning to execution, and rapidly develop the skills to lead complex change in a dynamic world.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is at the heart of our work at S2A. In this simulation-based training, we’ll transfer our expertise to your leaders, delivering the essentials of a six-month innovation journey in a six-hour workshop. Leaders will learn to place the needs of the end user at the center of the problem-solving process, and unlock a range of innovative solutions for your organization’s stickiest challenges.

Critical Thinking

Building on Nobel-winner Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow, this collaborative seminar helps leaders understand how their own minds work. Through interactive exercises, reflective prompts and group discussions, leaders will develop a deep understanding of their biases, rationalizations and instincts, and learn to optimize their own thought patterns to make better decisions and lead more inclusively.

Custom Solutions For Your Unique Organizational Challenges

The above are just a few examples of custom solutions we’ve designed to address the specific needs of complex organizations. We can do it for you too!

Tell us what you’re up against, and we’ll work with you to co-create targeted interventions that tackle the problem at the source.

Commands WE Have HELPED

past performance Examples

Change Leadership

U.S. Navy, NPS (Subcontractor)
Leading Innovation, Senior Leaders Program
O-7 and O-8 Navy and Marine Corps Participants

NAVSEA, PEO Ships (Subcontractor)
Thinking Differently – Design Thinking in Military
Environments; ISLE (Innovation, Strategy,
Leadership, and Execution)

U.S. Navy, NAVSEA 05
Critical Thinking Workshop Series
Contract # N6426720P5036

change management

U.S. Air Force, 58th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Maintenance Squadron
Interpersonal Skills Development
Contract # FA940120P0090


U.S. Air Force, 727th Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Cannon AFB, NM
NILE Program Implementation
Contract # FA485522P0021

U.S. Air Force, 310th & 318th Special Operations Squadrons
Cannon AFB, NM
NILE & NILE-XL Program Implementation
Contract # FA485522P0034

U.S. Air Force, 314th Maintenance Group
Little Rock AFB, AR
NILE Program Implementation
Contract # FA446022P0023

U.S. Air Force, 58th Maintenance Group
Kirtland AFB, NM
NILE Program Implementation
Contract # FA940122P0042

Stay in the Know

new services on the GSA MAS

This week, Bradley Brezinski has been immersed in facilitating workshops with our partners at ExperiencePoint, traveling to both Houston and Los Angeles.

These workshops have been instrumental in shaping two of our flagship programs: “Design Thinking” and “Change Leadership.” Exciting news for our government and military clients—both programs are now available on the GSA schedule!



don't miss Nile-x & Nile- xl

You often hear us talking about our award-winning program NILE.  NILE has evolved into a powerful leadership and cultural change program after being developed as a response to the suicide epidemic in the military. The participant groups are comprised of NCOs, as our research has shown they hold the keys to cultural change within their teams…







GSA Approved!

We are thrilled to share that S2A, a Veteran-Owned and Managed organization, has secured a coveted spot on the General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS).








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