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S2A's GSA MAS Schedule Contract:

  • Contract Name: Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Professional Services – Training 
  • Contract Number: 47QRAA24D0025
  • Sponsor Contract: General Services Administration (GSA)
  • Period of Performance: December 21, 2023 – December 20, 2028

Services Covered Under the GSA Schedule:

S2A holds the following Special Item Numbers (SINs) on GSA MAS:

  • 611430: Professional and Management Development Training
  • OLM: Order-Level Materials

S2A’s GSA MAS contract is available via GSA eLibrary.


Benefits of purchasing through the GSA Schedule include time and cost savings, simplified procurement process, access to a wide range of pre-vetted suppliers, and compliance with federal procurement regulations.

According to FAR Part 12 and FAR Subpart 9.1, our contracts protect the government by ensuring offerors: 

  • Have adequate financial resources to perform the work anticipated.
  • Can meet the delivery or performance requirements.
  • Have a satisfactory performance record.
  • Have a satisfactory record of integrity and business ethics.
  • Have the corporate facilities, resources, equipment, skills, and controls to do the work.
  • Are otherwise qualified and eligible to receive a contract award under federal laws and regulations.
  • Are TAA-compliant regardless of order value.
  • We also evaluate offerors’ corporate experience, past performance, and quality control.

Yes! Using the Multiple Awards Schedule program facilitates an agency’s ability to meet the Competition in Contracting Act requirements (see FAR 6.102(d) (3)).

You can search for products and services on the GSA eLibrary. The eLibrary provides a comprehensive list of GSA Schedule contractors and their offerings. You can also access detailed information for S2A’s services through our GSA catalog.

GSA Schedule Contracts are available for use by all federal government agencies, as well as certain authorized entities such as state and local governments, tribal governments, and other eligible organizations. Visit to learn more. 

Federal agencies can place orders directly with the GSA Schedule contractors. The ordering process is streamlined, and agencies can negotiate further discounts and terms with the contractor if needed. Reach out to us at to learn more about our contracting process.

Here are some websites and tools that GSA (General Services Administration) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) buyers commonly use. For additional assistance you can contact the GSA customer service hotline at 1-800-488-3111.

  1. GSA eLibrary:

    • GSA eLibrary is a comprehensive online resource where buyers can search for GSA Schedule contractors and view contract details, including products and services offered.

  2. GSA Advantage!:

    • GSA Advantage! is an online shopping and ordering system where buyers can browse and order products and services available through GSA Schedule Contracts.

  3. GSA eBuy:

    • GSA eBuy is an online platform that allows buyers to request quotes, proposals, or information from GSA Schedule contractors. It facilitates the acquisition process by connecting buyers with potential suppliers.

  4. GSA MAS Helpdesk:

    • The GSA MAS Helpdesk provides assistance and support for buyers navigating the GSA Schedule program. Buyers can contact the helpdesk for specific inquiries or guidance.

  5. 2020 MAS Schedule Ordering Guide

    • This guide will assist you throughout the acquisition process by explaining how to properly place an order against a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract and addressing contracting issues and concepts unique to ordering under MAS.

  6. Help with MAS Buying (

    • A quick source to the most sought after information on GSA’s website.

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