Be the First to See What's Next

Inspire new thinking by identifying what people really need to push past obvious solutions and discover breakthrough ideas.


Being the first to see what’s next requires your people to adopt an innovator’s mindset. More specifically, it requires your people to look at common problems in uncommon ways, spotting patterns where others see noise.

Fortunately, innovation can be learned through processes like design thinking, human-centered design, and systemic inventive thinking – and we can quickly get your team thinking and acting more creatively than ever before. With solutions ranging from innovation simulations and skill building workshops to the hands-on management of critical innovation projects, our team can help you see what’s next and bring it to life.

our Approach to Innovation

Creative Problem Solving

Corporate cultures capable of “inventing the future” are rare, but the emerging discipline of design thinking – honed by the celebrated innovation consultancy IDEO – provides project managers with the tools and techniques to think differently, see new opportunities, and create innovative solutions with impact. We work with clients to discover people’s needs and customer interactions with a better understanding of problem areas and opportunities, realizations that will serve as a blueprint into the future.

Design thinking and Experiential Learning

ExperienceInnovation™ offers hands on experience with a realistic innovation project using the tools and techniques of the world’s top innovators. By stepping through the design thinking innovation process and stripping away the superfluous, the simulation delivers the essentials of a four-month innovation journey in a half-day workshop. Discover innovative solutions with the end user in mind while applying breakthrough ideas that will increase streams of revenue, offer an optimal use of resources, and improve employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

Innovation project management

Because design thinking isn’t like traditional problem solving, it’s natural for people to trip up early and often. At S2A, our in-house experts focus on identifying challenges and developing new solutions with methods such as innovation sprints. We remove the guesswork with end-to-end guidance as we work alongside each client to advise and transform ideas and solve their toughest innovation challenges.

Advisory Services

We help senior leaders stay focused on what really matters. Our leading innovation and design experts advise teams on how to best create a culture of innovative and creative problem solving. Clients experience the freedom to explore new techniques and apply innovative ideas, develop new technologies, products, and services, and access immediate feedback for learning purposes, without any real jobs or company resources at stake.


At S2A, we challenge assumptions and discover new solutions with the freedom to experiment in a way that is easy, budget friendly, and generative to new ideas. Our use of tools such as Design Thinking allows us to create the desirable, feasible, and viable solutions our clients need to solve their most pressing organizational challenges. We provide clients with an effective roadmap guaranteed to tackle the problems of today while preparing them with the solutions for the incoming challenges of tomorrow.

“It’s a quality experience from start to finish. Not only are the simulations and instructors world-class, but the service and support throughout the engagement is above and beyond.”

— Bill DeCristofano, Associate Director General Management Programs at Wharton Executive Education

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