Strategy is dynamic and never-ending. We’ll help you design and execute strategic solutions that work in the real world. 

build a culturally responsive strategy in less than 60 days

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” ~Winston Churchill

Studies indicate that fewer than 10% of employees understand their company’s strategy or how it connects to their daily work. This is due in large part to the strategy’s lack of flexibility and adaptiveness in the face of a constantly changing environment. Many leadership teams make the mistake of overemphasizing operational details that are constrictive, uninspiring, and detached from reality.

Our approach focuses on the clear articulation of your strategic intent and desired future state, while giving your people the agency and flexibility needed to achieve both. This encourages your people to proactively build bridges from their daily work to the strategic goals of the company, making strategy a living process as opposed to a set of stale plans and stalled projects.

In less than 60 days, our team of experts will work with your leadership team to design a culturally responsive strategy that actually works in the real world. No more 3″ binders on dusty shelves! 

our Approach to Organizational Strategy

Culturally Responsive Strategy Design

We understand the ongoing challenges within the business culture. That is why we thoroughly assess what is happening behind the scenes while designing unique strategies that are not only culturally responsive, but have the ability to remain flexible and adaptable as well. Through tools such as our organizational network analysis, we are able to provide direct insight into the underlying strengths and areas for growth within your organization, allowing clients the opportunity to strategically plan for the present while vision casting into the future.

Fractional Chief Strategy Officer

Behind each of our clients stands an exceptional team of experts. This includes the assistance of a fractional Chief Strategy Officer, assigned to work as part of the team to ensure all systems are in place, regular meetings and check-ins are scheduled, and has the ability to revise plans as needed.

Advisory Services

Our strategic advising services help senior leadership stay the path of excellence. You’ll gain unique access to world class technology, industry-leading expertise, and a passion for organizational development as we help guide you through the process of strategically creating culturally inclusive solutions to directly impact your organizational goals.

Strategy Execution

We demystify strategic execution by ensuring the strategy is effectively communicated and understood not only by senior leadership, but throughout the organization as a whole. In addition, we work with clients to align projects and individual roles, measure key performance indicators, and review progress efficiently as part of our proactive management process.


Regardless of the beauty and detail of your strategy, you’re only as successful as your ability to execute – and that requires buy-in at all levels of the organization. Building a plan that engages everyone in a meaningful way is one of the most challenging aspects of strategy design and why S2A is sought after by some of the most recognized companies around the world.

“S2A’s culture and strategy workshops are engaging, interactive and thought-provoking! Unlike most training programs, S2A’s workshops are grounded in the real-world, offering clear and practical guidance for leaders in search of greater results (individually and organizationally). It was just what our leadership team needed – an opportunity to reset and think about how to transform our organization through lasting cultural changes!”

- Nick Buscher, MBA, VP and General Manager, Thermo-Fisher Scientific

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